December 1, 2011

have you ever thought about what protects our hearts?

Is it weird to think that it seems like Thanksgiving happened a month ago but it was only last week? 

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving and weekend for those of who you don't celebrate. Mine was great, even if we had to spend about 2 hours in traffic to get to our destination. As I mentioned before we had a lunch, which was more like a lunner since we were in traffic for so long. I ate once, we went home around 8ish, and I knocked out on the drive home. It was a good night overall haha. While everyone was waiting in line for black Friday I was at home asleep! I also had a time mesmerized by my cousin's Louboutin collection! She has so many pairs I wanted to steal them haha! My favorite of the pair is in a photo down below!! 

I actually took an outfit picture for you all it has been years and years since I last posted one. I've had this dress for a while now, since August I believe but never wore it, for who knows what reason. It's from this great vintage store in downtown Fullerton and the name escapes me as I write this, sorry!!

dress: vintage; tights: h&m; shoes: from the philippines; sweater: target; belt: thrifted; bag: asos



  1. Beautiful pics!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine, do the same!!

  2. The shoes are gorgeous, so high <3

  3. ooh, your vintage dress is so adorable, loving those gorgeous heels too! Hope your Monday is off to a great start. :) veronika

  4. two hours in traffic? wow! but im glad you had a good thanksgiving :) you look SO darling and those heels are to die for, girl! your vintage is so adorable too! hope youre well babe!!

    x jamie

  5. aww cute outfit! yea i spent black friday sleeping in! there is no way i'm waiting in line for anything (especially since most of the stores were open at midnight .... ughh rather not).

    and louboutin! i need me a pair! you cousin is sooo lucky to have a collection!

  6. really nice look!!! love it!!!

    xoxo from rome

  7. loving the heels! cute blog!


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