September 21, 2011

The world has turned and left me here just where I was before you appeared

Well sorry for being absent for the last couple of weeks. Lack of inspiration I blame, which is usually my reason for any absence here. Life has seriously been as boring as you can get. I honestly don't even know what to write in this apology post haha. I've been a hermit and haven't had any photo worthy outfits. I blame it on the weather. It has lead me to become lazy and just wear shorts and tanks all the time. Although the weather as of late has been nice. I just wish I had an occasion to get out of the house that would not lead me to spend any money.

How have I been spending my time you ask?
- Baking stuff. I just baked a cheesecake...well two because I made so much and luckily I bought two of the crust pans or else I would have been screwed!
- Obsessing over The Hunger Games. I'm really trying not to become such a fan girl with this but it's really really hard. I'm also attempting on keeping my expectations low with this because of the giant disappointment that is called Twilight. I'm such a lame face! much of a lame face I bought a freaking Mockinjay pin off the internet. (ugh seriously Alyssa?)
- Accessory making. I have lots more time and I have a bunch of feathers that have been waiting to become some kind of accessory.
- New tv. I am a loser and hermit who likes to stay home and watch tv. Deal with it.
- Oh man, I also opened up a tumblr. Just another thing to fill my empty days. Charmed I'm Sure
- Avoiding the fact that my birthday is next week...holy crap next week already?!
- Reveling in the depressing fact that I still live at home and am still jobless.
- Wishing I had money to go shopping. This is a 24/7 kind of thing.

I do have my September playlist to post next! I hope I can have things pick up here again!


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