July 12, 2011

i filled the bucket, i spilled the bucket out on the floor, a mistake for sure.

Mini update on the happenings over here in Alyssa-land. And it's not much haha.

I have been uberlazy with outfit pictures, mainly because what I've been wearing hasn't been anything photo-worthy. Hopefully I can get some in soon say...next weekend.

Heading off to New Orleans for the big ol' family reunion next weekend. Will be there Friday-Monday. And I am soooo excited. It will be extremely good to get out of California even if its just for the weekend. Can't wait to explore!!

My sister's birthday was last week. She treated herself to a day off and we all headed over to Glen Ivy Hot Springs for a spa day. It was ahhhmazing to say the least. That place is awesome and I want my own personal mud bath because that stuff was the best thing ever; it made my skin feel incredibly soft! Then we had a family lunch on Sunday after church where I had a super delicious pasta dish and my mom was examining the sauce trying to figure out how they made it because it was so good.

In continuation with my sister's days off we went to the beach today, where I of course got sunburnt on my back/shoulders. yay me, I can never go to the beach without my back burning even with sunscreen. So I will be smelling like aloe vera for the next few days. Aloe vera + my fan will be my best friends for the next few days as well.

Besides me interning every other day and job searching, this has basically been life. It's also the middle of the month and I still have not come up with my July playlist, of which I said I was going to keep up last month haha. It will be next!!


  1. Happy birthday to your sister

    all the best for job search


  2. have a great time in new orleans! can't wait to see your post about it :)

    cins - design3rd


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