May 2, 2011

sometimes I wish for falling wish for the release wish for falling through the air to give me some relief,

HEY LOVELIES! Ah, apologies again for being mia, especially since I had about only two days of school last week thanks to canceled classes!

Anyway I'm back with an outfit post of all things! haha Been SO LONG since I last posted an outfit of mine! Lately it's been all lazy/not post worthy outfits or I forgot about taking a photo.

My sister Abby and I went to the Anaheim Comic Con...of which I did not know there was such thing until I went. Saw lots of random celebrities, guy who played Hercules, Ian Zeiring (who walked past my sister who grew up watching him on 90210 TWICE and she didn't even notice), guy from Heroes, some wrestler guys, some power rangers, and other people I can't remember.

I spent $18 on a freaking Angry Bird stuffed animal for Junior, it was $2 more for a stuffed animal with sound! haha. Got lots of free SoyJoy bars, which were pretty tasty; either that or I was just really hungry. Got myself a little ID badge for the SHIELD, which is in the movie Thor. My sister got this giant Hello Kitty bag, which is seriously bigger than I am. I'm 5'0" and when I put it on my shoulder it drags!

Good day overall!


skirt and sandals: h&m; tank and cardigan; target; purse: zara

Bleh at my face. I look dead. Check out my sister's awesome photography skills over at her flickr to see the rest of the pictures!

Oh I forgot, my hair! haha I got it cut about a week ago and I love it! and it cost me less than $30 (50% first time clients) with this awesome stylist! I am definitely going back even though I will have to pay full price.


  1. So cool! Did you go up to them and get their pic???

  2. @Elaine

    no! you actually had to pay to get your picture taken with them!! lame!

  3. cool!
    wanna follow each other?

    sweet and sugars,

  4. that sounds like fun! omg how is your nephew Jr. doing? he's so cute! you look great here girl :) and your new hair cut is so cute too! im debating on whether or not i should trim my hair. im scared to trim it because it always looks 3 times shorter :( anywayyyyy.... i hope everything is going well doll!! muah!

  5. Show us a pic of the angry bird stuffed animal! =)

    Just found your blog, love it!

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    SandyMy Fair Lady Boutique

  6. lol those angry birds stuff animals ARE cute, and love your sandals in the pic!

  7. hey girl:) you look so cute. and your hair looks awesome:) new fresh cut!

  8. what're you talking about, you look so pretty!
    looks / sounds like a good time♥

  9. this is super cute! :)


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