April 10, 2011

and all the time i thought your words were wrong, you held me down as sure as the sun

Here's my "what's in my purse" post! So FYI, I change my bag/purse/whatever you want to call it, a lot. This is the one for this week haha. My Alexa knockoff from Forever 21, that I'm sure many of you own out there in blogland. I am just now noticing how boring my bag is. Of course this is on a school day, but I'm pretty sure that there isn't much of a difference from any other day. Although before doing this I thought I would have had a lot of stuff since I always feel like my bag weighs me down some, but whatevss.



1. Umbrella because the weather man told me it was going to rain, but of course, it did for about a minute and then stopped.
2. Makeup bag with some necessities: chapstick, lip gloss, lotion, hand sanitizer, oil blotters, mattifying powder, bobby pins...etc.
3. Hello Kitty pouch being used as a wallet, which I really need to change into a real wallet because it's just too small for all the cash I carry around with me. hah jk!
4. Case for the class I'm always complaining about. Got a 27.5 out of 40 on the last participation. I was just not feeling it, and she knew it, plus I couldn't back up what I said and I just KNEW she was going to give me a crap score. I. HATE. HER.
5. Retail marketing textbook, was planning on going to the library on this day to study, but after standing in line to buy my cap and gown I decided to go home instead.
6. Super cute organizer from Target to keep me sane.
7. I also carry my ipod and pens around daily, but those are tucked away into the pockets of the bag and I forgot to take them out.


  1. Love What's in your bag posts! Cute Hello Kitty pouch!


  2. I love the Hello Kitty pouch too! In my latest post I'm using a bag 'inspired by' the Hermes Birkin - like you the original is a little out of my price-range....


    Please vote for me in Westfield London's blogger style competition!

  3. i adore your bag!
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  4. Woo! I like it. The purse is really cute.

  5. ohh your umbrella is the bomb!:)

  6. how we all dream of real mulberrys. haha unfortunately the life a college student does not support those dreams. lol

  7. lol I was going to buy a mulberry but then I can't justify spending that much on a bag... maybe some other day! your bag is nice though and love your umbrella!


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