April 3, 2011


OH MY! So sorry blog world for my lack of posts. I am on spring break, well it's over tomorrow, and all I have been doing is school crap. And it's only for one class. (The one I'm always complaining about haha) I haven't even had any outfit pictures since it's all been bum-dressing for me for the past month. Jamie suggested for me to do a "what's in my bag post" so that is coming up soon, once I have time to take pictures haha. Probably on Thursday, my lovelies. My spring break has pretty much been wasted on this one paper that is due on Tuesday and it pisses me off that I couldn't have gotten it done any sooner. Other than that I did my interning bit, which is pretty awesome by the way.

And that's pretty much all I have to say. My apologies again!


  1. where are you interning babe? and yayy! you'll be doing a "whats in my bag post" ;) i love those! dont worry, my spring break was really crappy too. looking forward to your post dear! Muah!! have a great week love! xo!

  2. Blogging is more important than life, Alyssa!


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