March 3, 2011


Tiny update because I need to.

I just finished writing an insanely hard case report for this insanely hard class. I seriously spent all evening (4:30pm-12:00am) on this one piece of homework and I have never been more scared for a class in my life and I am not even joking in the least. A classmate and I have been texting/calling each other back and forth since 4:30 because we are both in the same boat, which is confused as hell. Our professor is just requiring so much from us, which I guess is expected seeing this is the last Marketing class we are supposed to take ever, but we could only do so much! haha And I feel like we aren't even discussing anything marketing related. Most of these cases are management related like figuring out ROI or decisions on expanding a tennis facility, but nothing having to do with marketing. Unless we haven't gotten to those cases yet. But anyways, my head is just a bunch of fluff right now and I have so much group stuff to do for other classes that I haven't even started yet and we are meeting tomorrow. I just needed a little vent because the work for this one class is just the most killer work I've ever had to do. It will be a miracle to get through this class.

In an unrelated and very random note, in my Internet marketing class today, we were discussing blogs and my professor asked if anyone in the class blogs and only two people raised their hand, but said they USED to. I was too shy to raise my hand since he would most likely pry and ask a bunch of questions. I just thought that was funny. Also no one in class but one person raised their hand to my professor question of whether or not we follow blogs. I really enjoy this class because everything is so interesting, relevant and up-to-date, unlike the one I'm struggling with right now.

I'll be posting my outfit pictures this weekend so stay tuned!

And holy crap, it's March already?!?!


  1. you shouldve totally raised your hand in class! hehe. and yes, its march already.... madness, right?!

  2. I never tell people about the blog haha, it somehow makes me shy when it gets brought up. Ughh school, hope everything goes well!!!!


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