March 24, 2011

Got everything and you can just choose it, I won't just be a puppet on a string.



Whew...classes are over and done with. Thank heavens, although I shouldn't be celebrating too much because there is too much to do this spring break since everything is due once class starts again. Must professors do that?! Lame sauce.

No outfit pictures to report because of all the busy-ness going on around here. You all need to check out the blog for one of my group projects though! haha We need some viewers! We're called Toothbrush4You. We're basically a toothbrush delivery service, offering other oral care products as well. We just have the blog set up, since we still have to learn how to set up our website. But this is a pretty awesome idea, I'm sort of wishing we this was a competition in the class, because we would hands down win that ish. My awesome sister made our logo and when we presented the blog yesterday in class I heard someone say "oh that's so cool!" which is awesome! =D And then some kiss-up wanted to know how it was made by asking who made it and if illustrator was used. Really, who asks that? Anyway, please visit and continue to visit because it's still new and there are only like two entries up right now. haha

I really don't have anything else to say than how excited I am to be on a break from classes. Oh and did I mention I got an internship! Awesome right? So my spring break will consist of that and finishing projects, oh and cleaning my room because it is a horrible mess and I've had no time to clean it in the longest time! My mom keeps coming into my room and saying how messy it is and how I seriously need to clean it. It's getting really annoying haha.


  1. This is so cute. :) Love it.

  2. hey ho. thanks for your comment back :)
    this post is lovely!

  3. this is cute, great advice here xx

  4. visited! of course, i'd give my support, my dad's a dentist! seriously, this is an awesome idea...i always have a hard time finding the toothbrush that's right for my teeth and gums and i always end up having to visit a pharmacy..

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥


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