March 12, 2011

My heart goes out to everyone in Japan. I'm happy to say my cousin, who lives about 100 miles away from Sendai is safe and sound; it was a little scary because we didn't hear from her right away, but she eventually contacted the family saying she and her husband were safe. She says it's really hard to find any food because everything is closed and it's hard to get anywhere. She also says that as of today there are still many aftershocks.

This is crazy stuff. I can't believe everything that's happened over there. I get teary-eyed just watching the news reports. It really puts reality into perspective for one living in giant-earthquake-is-due-California. Putting our disaster kit together as we speak because we always say we will do it, but never do. This time I am totally serious about it.

Please do what you can to help Japan. They are in my prayers.


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