March 15, 2011


One midterm after another, one project after another. I'm over it haha. Senioritis. Although I haven't really thought a lot about graduating (I'm just worried about passing all my classes). Everyone is always pointing it out and I'm just like "ugh, don't." I can't see myself out there in the real world yet. They really need to prepare you for things like this before you graduate. You have what like 16+ years of schooling and then that's it they expect you to go out there and face reality. Sure they do give you some preparation, but I feel like it's not enough. But then again, forcing us out there is the only way we'll learn. We watched the following video in one of my classes today (it's almost 5 minutes long just to warn you):

And the part where everything you learn by your 3rd year in college will be basically obsolete was really the only part where i was like "WHAT?!" I mean there were other parts that shocked me as well, but this one kept me thinking. But wow right? I never really thought about all that until we discussed the video in class. Just goes to show how much catching up we all need to do right? The world and technology are changing at such a fast pace. Along with everything else we have going on in life, we need to keep up with all that is changing.

(side note: during this class, I've never heard a guy say "like" so much in the matter of our 40 minute discussion on this and other things in class. he participated a lot and said "like" in his answers A LOT. "it was like..." "and like..." "uh, like..." "" ughhh SERIOUSLY!)

(other side note: in another class a girl was giving a presentation and I SWEAR every other word was "um." aslkfjalsdkfj I was getting extremely annoyed and after a while I started twitching after every time she said it. "" STOP!)

Just a little thing for you all to think about, I'm sooo procrastinating on studying for my midterm and quiz tomorrow, if you couldn't already tell.


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