February 25, 2011

it's empty in the valley of your heart


Love this.

Random fact: I just read that Marcus Mumford of Mumford and Sons was born in the hospital (now a school) down the street from my house, but 6 months later his parents moved back to their native England.... Say whaaaaaat?!

Taking time out of preparing for what will be an extremely busy week of school crap to give you a little update since I've been a little mia. (I'm sooooo behind catching up on everyone's blogs!!!!) I'm currently writing this at 12:42 am and it's seriously pouring outside and let's add some wind. I didn't even know it was going to rain! I woke up this morning to it and was like "whaaaaat?" Anyway I'm not really sure where this whole thing is going, but I guess it's just to let you all know I will be mia again this week because seriously there is just so much a girl can do handling these last 5 classes necessary to getting my BA in marketing!!! grrr school for giving us so much work (and having us pay an extra $50 for extra documents and cases!). I do have one outfit picture to share with you all. Only one because it was the only day of the week I remembered. I'll try to get to it this upcoming week if I can! =D

See you all soon! && Have an awesome weekend!


  1. dreaming of my own roman holiday as we speak! Good luck with your classes, hard work definitely pays off :)

  2. I love Roman Holiday! And sista no worries, everyone needs a small break from blogging, espesh if you have exams etc!


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