February 7, 2011

and in the daylight i don’t pick up my phone cause in the daylight anywhere feels like home

Did you all have a lovely weekend? I honestly don't know what to write right now. I'm sort of at a loss of words because all my energy has been put toward this one project for one of my classes where I had to find a company with a semi-long term problem that could be solved with marketing. I seriously had no idea which one to choose so I ended up picking Gap, mainly because the president just resigned. And now that I'm thinking of it maybe Gap wasn't a good choice after all because a day after reading that article I read what Gap is going to be doing now that the president resigned. But it's too late to change since I have to present my company and problem tomorrow. Ugh. Screwed!!!

My cousin came down for the weekend to look for a place to live since he's moving back from Utah and his company put him up at Embassy Suites so naturally he invited everyone over. haha So here's what I wore:



jeans and necklace: forever 21; top and blazer and scarf: h&m; shoes: dolce vita for target; purse: thrifted

Isn't my bag so awesome? I love everything about it! I'm glad my mom has great taste (sometimes) since she told me this one was better than another one I was considering.

Ah, could you all be dolls and take this one question survey for me! =D It's for my marketing research class. Thanks lovelies!


  1. You look great, I hope you had a lovely weekend with your relative! Perfect combination for a casual event, love the relaxed blazer and of course the bag, sometimes mums do have great taste!
    You've got a great blog, just discovered it. Would love you to stop by mine sometime.


  2. I had a lovely weekend filled with awesomeness:) hehe thanks for asking! I need to listen to them.. though I'm at work atm.. so can't listen to any music:p might listen to it another time:D

  3. Those shoes are awesome! I love them!


  4. cuuute! and glad to have you back cus youve been m.i.a :(

  5. Love that song! Your outfit is amazing, especially the shoes and the spots.

    Also, thanks for your comment and have a happy Valentine's day!



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