January 26, 2011


Ah, hello there! Long time no see? haha Let's blame that on laziness + lack of inspiration on what to post here + lack of internet when I finally decided to post something. I did have a few ideas, but again back to the laziness. So let's pretend that this is Friday January 21. Because it's when I wrote, but never posted the following:

I went to Dashboard Confessional's acoustic show last night at the Troubadour with cousins Lisa and Mark. I have no words for the experience I had. I swoon at the sound of his voice and my heart melts seeing him walk out onto the stage in his light blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up revealing his beautiful sleeve tattoos. He had a sort of 50s look to him and I imagined a pack of cigarettes tucked into his sleeve, although I'm sure he doesn't smoke. His hair was well groomed, as always, and he looks as if he hasn't aged at all in the 10 years since his first album, Swiss Army Romance was released.

The night was perfect, minus the stupid drunk people next to us. I blocked them out as best as I could because nothing will stop me from having an amazing time when I am in the same room as Chris Carrabba. I had a very good view throughout the whole show, including the opening acts and I had very few obstructions in my sight path, which is a rare occurrence when you're barely 5 feet tall, damn you tall people!

Johnny Lefler opened and I really enjoyed everything he played. It was a very nice mellow opener. Next up was Lady Danvile, who I loved very much. It also helped that the drummer was such freaking stud. They did a great cover of MGMT and this cute song called "I Want You Back" where all three of them stood around one microphone. After them was lead singer of Saves the Day, and I really don't remember his voice sounding so nasally. I haven't really listened to them since high school and I only have two songs in my iTunes. Let's just say I was pretty bored and restless by this point.

Then Chris (like I know him haha) took his sweet time coming out. The changes between sets were pretty fast until it was his time to go on. Then he walked out, all the flashes came and I was suddenly in a different world. He sang majority of Swiss Army Romance. i seriously teared up hearing Age Six Racer (don't judge). He hasn't played that song the past few shows we've been to and hearing it is just freaking out of this world since it was the first ever song I heard of Dashboard Confessional. He played majority of the old stuff, throwing in a more recent song here and there. He also smiled a lot during this show, which is just so freaking adorable I want to die; I smiled along right with him. And he ended with one of my top favorite songs and his favorite song to end with, Hands Down. Then he blew kisses good bye. asldkfjlkafj I'm such a fan girl when it comes to Chris Carrabba.

We drove home and I found my voice feeling all scratchy, which has never really happened to me before. ahh.. such a good night. =D Can't wait until the next tour.

My only two good pictures of the night taken with my phone, and the first one isn't even a clear one. boo. He never stood still for me to get a non-blurry picture!




  1. hey replying to your comment on my blog: honestly, magazine wise, I wouldn't know, other then the usual men's magazine. All the photos are just snippets I've come across on Tumblr, but yeah. Barely any of the photos on there have info about the editorials, so that's really as far as I go. Try models.com, but Tumblr is your best bet! & ooh a shoot? Is your sis a photographer?


  2. hi alyssa! happy new year! how are you?
    ahh lucky you! i've always wanted to go to the troubadour :) glad you had a good time and lost your voice hehe.

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