December 21, 2010

my face blew up at such a casual sight this miracle is of ecstatic fright

I had a really good dream the other night/early morning, but I seriously can't remember a thing other than I woke up feeling really happy. But sadly that moment was completely killed after hearing my nephew screaming about something and my two uncles talking really loud in the next room. I shouldn't get worked up about it because it happens EVERY MORNING. Minus the ones where I get up before everyone else, but that only happens when I have class and since classes are done, nastily waking up to a very loud house will most likely be the norm. Um, back to my point: don't you just hate it when you can't remember your dreams? Cobb from Inception was so right when he said the more you try to remember your dreams the harder it is.

Outfit from last Wednesday. This picture doesn't really do the color of my top justice since my sister photographer wanted to take them outside with our Christmas lights and then I got lazy to take ones where you could see it....and this is the only one my sister sent me.


top: thrifted; jeggings and cardigan: target; shoes: dolce vita for target; purse: zara


  1. It irks me when I can't remember dreams either. I think we forget most of our dreams and don't realize we even dream them.

    Thank you so much for your comment! I hope you get into lipsticks and I'm glad you shared the same sentiments about Black Swan!

  2. i hate it when i know i had a good dream but just can't seem to remember what it's about, all i know is that i had a good dream :/ haha i love the christmas lights in your photo!


  3. you look lovelyy :) what a cute top! and such pretty christmas lights too. i love the holidays!

  4. I have this weird ability of memorizing my dreams. I think it's because every morning when I wake up I think about what I dreamed about right away and for some reason that always makes me remember them, even after a couple of days.. but because of that, I always have moments where I'm like, "wait, did this happen in real life or a dream?!" haha
    Anyways, you look so cute and I love your top even if the picture didn't do the color justice!

  5. nice color palate :) im probably the only person who has never seen inception, but i still want to! i have moments just like those, where you cant remember what you just dreamed about. Ya'know it may come to you when you least expect it.... you'll be doing something totally unrelated to your dream then BAM! it triggers that memory and you ultimately recall your dream! =)
    still jealous about dolce vita for target!


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