November 17, 2010

I couldn't have gotten sick at a worse time! It all started Saturday night when my nose started feeling funny. Then Sunday morning I had a stuffy nose and I could barely speak. To make matters even worse I had a midterm Monday morning.

It sucked, to say the least. 1) this guy took my regular seat leaving me to the corner seat (which later on turned out to be good because) 2) I used up all the tissues I brought and I felt nasty getting my germs all over the computer mouse and keyboard 3) I'm pretty sure I failed the midterm since I wasn't putting my all into it. 4) I planned on going home after that class until....I ran into my professor in the bathroom! so then I felt really bad for skipping and sat through it. Thankfully she is sick too so she cut class a little short

Now I would have ditched my Tuesday morning class if we didn't have a midterm on Thursday (tomorrow) and if the class wasn't so damn confusing. I almost used up all my tissues during this class, but I still felt gross getting my germs all over the keyboard and mouse, plus I wasn't in the corner to hide the fact that I was sick so I'm sure everyone saw me wipe my nose at some point because it was constant stuffiness (as it always is when I'm in class and it doesn't clear up until I stand).

So this morning I ditched class #1 even though I had to attend class #2 because we had a group project due and all members needed to be present. LAME! Here I am attempting to study for my midterm tomorrow, the last thing to get done and over with before break.

The point of this is that this week has been pure hell. I don't ever, ever want to be sick again. I have been chugging down water and orange juice and tea like no other and I have been taking the max amount of vitamin C pills I'm allowed. But still nothing has even lessened, I even started coughing, which is new since before I just had a sore throat and no cough. Man this took up a lot more than I expected.

The end.

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  1. i feel you on the sickness, but think about it, it'll only make you appreciate your health after it more!


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