November 20, 2010

Harry Potter!!


I saw Harry Potter today!!!!! Sick and all! Luckily the theater wasn't as full as I thought, maybe because it was raining? But no one was sitting in the row besides my sister and I. I sat there and cough my head off into my jacket when I needed =D.

Sooo, for those who watched it, how ahhhhhhmazing was it huh??? I thought it was one of the best. I loved every single bit of it. And I'm so so so so so sad that we have to wait until July of next year to see Part Two! That is such a long time from now! Wow. I really really wanted to go to a midnight screening, but no one wanted to go with me, but I swear for Part Two I will be one of those in line at midnight.

I wish there was a wizard world and that I was part of it. Man they've got so much cool stuff. I would love that tent, because then I probably would like going camping. The spell that Hermione put on her bag to make it fit EVERYTHING, now that would be so freaking useful! Ah we could just do so many awesome things with magic!

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