October 14, 2010

ohhh twilight...

I admit I was a fan of the Twilight Series, back when no one knew about it and before the whole thing turned into some teeny bopper fest. I still watch the films, even though I have been way beyond disappointed, but whatever I couldn't help my curiosity and yes I bought them all of dvd because I said "might as well." Anyway my point is they just released the cast and guess who is on the freaking list? My favorite Piemaker, Ned...real name: Lee Pace. Gah, seriously Mr. Pace?! Come on! I know you haven't been doing anything lately and you probably need some cash, but did you have to resort to this?

I can't help but be sad for him taking this part. But I think that is because of the low expectations I have of Breaking Dawn. Ever since the first film let me down like you don't even know I've learned to go in with extremely low expectations so I don't feel like I did when I walked out of watching the first one. Because I was a giant fan. I went to freaking ComicCon for them. I ran my ass off to get in line to the freaking panel, I pushed my way through to get into the meet and greet lottery line, and I so badly wanted to kick some 10 year old girl's ass because I saw she got the damn marked ticket. Then the movie happened, the whole thing blew up and so I stepped back and thought "what the hell?" Now I could really give a crap about the whole thing, well maybe a little, but you know.

I confess I still want to see Breaking Dawn, just because it's the last one and I'm dying to know how the hell they pull off that birthing scene, and because of Robert Pattinson aka Edward CullenCedric Diggory. The books are still on my shelf collecting dust. One of these days I'll let my niece read them since she has been dying to even though we all refuse because seriously, kids under 16 shouldn't be reading the book even if the age says they can.

Back to my point of Mr. Lee Pace. I hope his part is good. I can't remember who he is and what his part is in the book because it's been years since I read the books, but he better had been given a worthy part with some worth lines (because we all know how bad the writing is). So my luck goes out to him, but he'll always be Ned, The Piemaker. Man I wish they didn't cancel Pushing Daisies.


  1. i feel your pain, girl! pushing daisies is my absolute FAVOURITE show ever. in the entire universe. i did a huge project on this show for my producing class back in college. the project took months to complete and i'm so glad i picked a show i loved so much because it was actually enjoyable. i'm sad about lee, too. :( why why WHY?! so sad... he's better than this.

    i got caught up in the whole twilight thing for about ten seconds... i read the books really fast to the point that i don't even think i really took it all in, so i decided to read them again - but much more slowly. and oh boy, i have some major problems with it. i've always wanted to do a big post about it, but i feel like... i would be murdered. by twilight superfans. hehehe. ;)

    i wish they didn't cancel pushing daisies, either. it's such a shame when quality television doesn't make it. especially something as dreamy, unique, and special as daisies. wouldn't it make a gorgeous movie, though? all of those colours on the big screen. gorgeous.

  2. agree !!!
    i much prefer the novels 100 times way better than the film. ( i meant the plot of the stories ). but same condition, I still want to watch the movie. strange, isn't it? tee hee ;p
    can't wait for breaking dawn.


  3. haha I still want to see breaking dawn too, even though the last movie was kind of crappy, and yeah the books are much better!

  4. I don't blame him - he's going to make BANK from all those lonely SAHM and teeny boppers! I would do it!!!! It's all about money - come on!

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  5. Here's a secret-- I read the first Twilight book back when it JUST came out, too. No one even know about the series. The books were a guilty pleasure! None of my friends wanted to read them, and of course, now they're all obsessed. I can understand where you're coming from!

  6. i am not a huge twilight fan - i could barely get through the first book actually and i cannot stand kristen stewart's poor acting!! i completely agree with you and this fad is getting a little out of hand. they should have kept pushing daisies (LOVED that show) instead of this crap;)


  7. ah! i'm waiting until the movies are over so i can start reading the books. i want to save at least the books til later so i'll have something to look forward to when all the movies are done!



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