October 8, 2010

it's yet to be determined, but the air is thick, and my hope is feeling worn

I complain about the weather way too much here. It just hasn't been consistent right now and it can get very irritating. Just early last week we were in 110+ degrees and a few days ago we were barely reaching 60-65 degrees? Weird. At least I got a little sneak peek of fall/winter by busting out my tights and boots. It was rainy three days of the week, which is always not fun when you have to drive and walk and study in it. But according to the weather reports the thermometer will reach the mid 90s again. I wish mother nature would decide on what season it wants!

First outfit picture in a whiiiiile. And it's only one because it's the only blog worthy one out of the bunch from the week.


dress: forever 21; cardigan: target; belt: target; shoes: dolce vita for target

Excuse that tent in the background. It was left over from the garage sale we had at my house last Saturday. This picture is also making me realize I need a haircut!

p.s. thanks for all your lovely birthday wishes!


  1. love, love, love your dolce vita shoes!!

  2. I love your mix of color and happy late birthday!


  3. cute outfit!! the dress is so pretty <3 and i love the shoes :)

  4. I agree! this weather has to make up it's mind!
    loving your new boots :)

  5. I know! It's been super crazy lately. I love Dashboard Confessional too!!!

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