October 21, 2010

hey, dont talk to me that way.


On Monday I was at school until midnight. For what, you ask? Well to hear a lecture by none other than Johnny Cupcakes. I honestly had never heard of it until I saw the flyers all around the business building (where all my classes are held) and I saw all the tweets on twitter. So I checked the site out and decided that I wanted to go hear what this guy had to say. After class Monday I went back home, napped then we (my sister Abby and I) left. Luckily we got there early because the line got so extremely long. The auditorium held 260 people, every seat was filled and there were at least another 40-50ish people sitting on the stairs and on the floors and standing way at the top of the room.

I really enjoyed what Johnny had to say. It was a lot of basic stuff about how to start your own business, but he put his own touches to it and had very interesting stories. The lecture ended around 10:30ish and we stood in another line to buy shirts, of course we couldn't leave empty handed. Then stood in another line to get to meet him. I really wish we talked to him more, we met for like a minute since campus police wanted everyone out asap and there were still 20 people in line behind us.

A weird thing: about a week before the lecture and when I decided I wanted to go I saw my cousin's twitter say that she was "having dinner with @johnnycupcakes." And I was like whaaaat? So I asked him about it when we met and he's like "yeah they (my cousin and her boyfriend) stayed at my place in Boston, I showed them around..." How crazy is that? I really would have talked to him more about it if we weren't pressed for time.

He had great insights about shopping, businesses and the like. It's made me rethink the way I shop. It's really inspiring hearing someone talk about their lives, especially his!

The line wrapped around, then went out the door and wrapped around again.




I wished I didn't look prego in this top. It was a lazy outfit day since the weather was still all rainy and cold. And I wish the guy who took our picture held for a second after taking it so the pictures weren't so blurry.


speaking of cupcakes...I could really use one right now. p.s. He doesn't really sell cupcakes.


  1. hello! ^_^
    thanks so much for following. means a lot :o)
    im also now a follower of your blog :D
    take care <3

  2. thanks for the commen alyssa, you're sweeeet! ♥
    you are SO lucky! what an awesome event to attend. i've heard of johnny cupcakes, but never had a chance to visit his store. i love his concept though. what's even COOLER is him hanging out with your cousin! WOW! :)
    what's inside the box? i wanna see! :P

  3. I tried the cupcakes once when I traveled to Cali earlier this month and it was AMAZING! Now you make me want some already d: I wish there's actually an online store lol

    Have a lovely weekend! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  4. this sounds like such an awesome event! i went to check out his site expecting delicious cupcakes but i love what i see even more! it's crazy that your cousin was at his place! haha

  5. i've never heard of johnny cupcakes! i don't think we have that in canada. haha, sounds like a good experience though! now i'm hungry for cupcakes.... :) perhaps totally unrelated, but whatever. hehe!

  6. How awesome--i'm sure the lecture was super interesting and informative, wish i'd known about it!


  7. cupcakes! nomnomnom

    the event sounds amazing and you look so cute!

    if you have some spare time, drop by my blog!

  8. What does he do if he doesn't sell cupcakes? I've never heard of him before...



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