October 17, 2010

fools, they don't know what they're on about

Last Friday, the 15th, was my older sister's birthday and as tradition goes, we went out to eat. Since the place she really wanted to have dinner at is sort of unsuitable for kids we went to Chili's to take advantage of their 2 for $20 dinner. We were all pretty much full off of our appetizers once our food came, which is what usually happens when we order appetizers. And since we are so full we put off dessert.

It's finally feeling like Fall over here what with the cloudy skies, rain, and colder weather. Here was my outfit for the night:


skirt: target; top: h&m; cardigan: target; tights: h&m; flats: payless; bag: forever 21


My aunt calls us the "tres marias." And when my sister Set put this picture on facebook my favorite comment by our cousin was "who needs the kardashians?" hahaha


  1. How fun!! You look great - I love the leopard print with the polka dot tights!

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  2. amazing combination of polka and leopard!
    wow, i don't think i can ever pass up dessert..i sometimes want dessert first..hehe.

    happy birthday to your sis!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  3. Happy Birthday to your sister! It's always fun to get together and enjoy each other's company!

  4. love the leopard mixed with the polk-a-dots!

  5. This is soo adorable :) What a fantastic group of sisters <3!!


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