October 25, 2010

bless this mess, we tried our best

For those of you who are curious about Johnny Cupcakes I did link him so all you had to do was click the link. Anyway he sells t-shirts, my bad for not saying what it was I guess I was just caught up in the moment of how awesome he is. haha


I saw The Temper Trap last Friday and it was aweeeeeesome. I haven't been to a concert since last December and seeing some live music was exactly what I needed. Met a bunch of people so the waiting time before and between sets went by pretty fast since you're not just standing there waiting. I also was reminded how I really do need to wear comfortable shoes, at least put some insoles to make my feet feel more comfy. I was going to, but then I totally forgot to stick them in there while getting ready.

I wish I had pictures, but I didn't bring my camera and I couldn't get any good shots with my phone camera anyway what with all the heads obscuring my view. It's during concerts I wish I was taller. 5'0" is not a good height when you want to see the stage from a crowd. I really wish I took pictures of opening band #2, Delphic, because that lead singer was verrry good looking and dressed very well.

I really should be studying right now so this is the end. =D


  1. i love them!


  2. wow! :D youre so lucky! but you should have wore heels so you can see the stage :D or move near the stage <3

  3. That's so cool! That's too bad you didn't get to take any pics!!!



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