September 15, 2010

waiting here with hopes the phone would ring

Outfit from my niece's birthday dinner. We went out to the Cheesecake Factory, where my sister had a coupon for one free cheesecake for every $30 you spend so we got 3 free cheesecakes, we were lucky and got the 3rd one by going over .15! We had a ton of leftovers since not one of us finished out food even though we shared plates!

My face looks really nasty here and my sister is being lazy for not fixing it for me, so cue the black circle. In fact, I'm not really enjoying this picture not only because of my face, but the angle makes my legs look extremely extremely short, but since I haven't put up any pictures in a loooong time here it is.


blouse: thrifted; shorts: target; shoes: dolce vita for target; bag: forever 21


  1. What?!?!??! THREE cheesecakes?!?!? Ugh. So jealous right now :( and hungry :(

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  2. LOVE your thrited blouse! the color and shape are stunning,,, mmm, cheesecake ;)

  3. Missed out on this coupon - would have been nice to get three cheesecakes to sample, as I always take a long time choosing one.

    Most of my photos usually have me sporting a weird/odd expression on my face -- therefore plenty of black circle moments. But you look great! Cute outfit!


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