September 21, 2010

living your life in the gray is the new american way, we're spending what we haven't made



If there were a library near me that looked like either of the two above, I'd probably get better grades.

I just took my first exam of the semester yesterday and it took me the whole time to take it, and I'm usually a pretty fast test taker, I don't even rush things either. I just get it done, look over my work (most of the time) and turn it in. But this one almost everyone was still there sitting in their seats when I turned in my exam about 2 minutes after class officially ended. I started getting freaked out about 15 minutes before because I usually finish by that time. I think when almost the whole class is still sitting in the room doing their exam after class is supposed to end is a sign to lighten up the damn questions! Either that or my professor should get to class on time because she is never there on time and it gets annoying when you have to stand almost shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of people in the hallway!


  1. You have such cool pictures on your blog!!! where do you find all of them? I always find myself saving all of your pictures from your blog!

  2. if these were a library like one of these near me, i would move in. HAHA.

  3. wow i WISH we had such beautiful libraries too!
    i also hope you did well on your exam, and if not, i hope there is a good curve, since it seems like it was difficult!

  4. Haha silly professor! I always hated that when it took FOREVER to take an exam.
    Beautiful photos and I like your quote at the top.
    On that note, I'm now following you.


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