May 29, 2010

I wanna do bad things with you

These True Blood mini-episodes and 2 minute promos are such teasers! For now, I'm fulfilling my True Blood fix by reading the books of which the show is based on, and it's taking me a while to go through them all because there are 10 all in all, and I hear that the author is contracted to write another 3. I never really intended on reading them until I walked by the books while I was at the library with my mom. I got a bit curious, said whatever and borrowed the first two books. I was attached immediately. Sometimes I hate how attached I get to the books I read because I get so disappointed when there is nothing else left. I try my hardest to slow my excitement down, but it doesn't work and the curiosity of my brain takes over. I'll tell myself "okay one more chapter and then I'll stop" but then comes that inquisitiveness and I end up reading the 3 chapters.

Oh man, and you have no idea how freaked, but weirded out, when I saw that True Blood promo during the Lost finale! Freaked because it was new, weirded out because why would you have an HBO show being promoted on ABC? But whatever. It was awesome.


  1. my mom watches true blood and she loves it !
    i've never got the time to watch serials these days !

    thanks for dropping by at my blog !
    visit / follow / comment me back..
    michelle @ glisters and blisters

  2. I'm SUCH a fan. I've read allllll the books and the new one too that just came out. I adore the show so so so much. I'm so glad you're getting into the whole series, Sookie is my hero!

    &they are really hard to put down. they're junk food books, so so bad but so so good <3


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