May 4, 2010

"i love you" .......... "i know"


This 80+ degree weather is reminding me I really need more dresses for summer! Things are really looking up for this summer. 1) Vancouver with cousins 2) Vegas with girls 3) potential opportunity of which I don't want to jinx by telling you what it is. Only downside: summer school for all of June and first week and a half of July.

This week and the next two weeks are all I have left of this spring semester! I have to say I'm pretty happy with the grades I'm expecting on getting. So much better than last semester.

We still have no TV in the house. We haven't had one in two weeks since the repair people took it away. After the first week they said they needed to keep it another week so they can put the part in. Freak of nature.

Went to Target today and had 2 purposes: pick up my glasses and buy a report cover. I completely resisted going into the clothes section even though I really need to find a pencil skirt to wear for my presentation on Monday. Luckily nothing appealed to me in the clearance section, although my mom did get a super cute skirt that I shall steal one of these days.

Such a random entry.

P.S. May the fourth be with you. Happy Star Wars Day everybody!

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  1. Beautiful photo! Wish the weather was also really sunny here too! I already have a million bare legs outfits that I want to wear sooo bad!


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