May 11, 2010

busy busy bee


Well, you know when you don't have time for blogging when you are in your last two weeks of school. I had a presentation and paper due on Monday. I also have an extra credit paper due on Thursday. Then finals next week! I'm so glad I got the presentation over with though so I didn't have to worry about it doing it tomorrow. Also isn't it weird that once your presentation is over you don't really remember what happened? Well, that's how it is for me. I presented the Advantages and Disadvantages, but I can't for the life of me remember if I actually did introduce the disadvantages with a sentence like "Here are the disadvantages" or if I just went straight on talking about them. Not being able to remember is annoying.

I think my little bit of cockiness about my Stats class is catching up because what we are learning right now is attempting to go straight over my head. BUT I think it's just the way my professor is teaching it because I totally remember doing it before, just not the way this professor is teaching it. He is really sort of blending the last two chapters together and I'm getting totally confused with all the formulas from each chapter. Really need to get my shizz straight!

I talk too much about school.


  1. lol, good luck with the last few weeks of school!! this is such a cute picture!

  2. haha, that picture cracks me up! thanks for stopping by my blog, you are so sweet. i love yours and your style as well! good luck on your finals! <3


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