April 1, 2010

russian roulette is not the same without a gun and baby when it's love if it's not rough it isn't fun

Gah I have so many outfit photos to post, but my sister, Abby, is lagging on sending them to me!

My other sister, Lizette, is finally on maternity leave (she's due April 28!). We all went out to lunch at the local farmer's market and they were doing this karaoke thing with some kids. Here's how the conversation went with the dj guy and a 4 year old girl:

DJ: What song do you want to sing?
Girl: Poker Face
DJ: Did you know there are bad words in that song?
Girl: Well, I'm a bad girl sometimes.

Hahah! Everyone just started cracking up. What girl says that? haha


  1. HAHAHAHAHA that is amazing!! that little girl totally rocks.

  2. can't wait to see your outfit posts, love!


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