March 1, 2010

no you can't get enough



top: H&M; skirt: Forever 21; jewelry: various places

Check out those mad modeling skills. hah! My cousin got this white backdrop for photo shoots and he had me be the test model for him, his friend, and my sister aka the photographers of Collective Blends. No shoes in the picture because we didn't want to get the backdrop dirty.

Went to see Center Cannot Hold on Saturday at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art. They are super good and I'm so glad we finally went to see them play. (p.s. not just saying that because I know the drummer haha!) I really really like their sound and undoubtedly enjoyed the show they put on. Check them out!


  1. oh gee.. i only noticed the lace detail on your blouse now.. that's so pretty! :D

  2. @libys11

    yeah it's kinda hard to notice without looking up close. thank you!

  3. your skirt is so gorgeous! i love it, the color is so bright it's perfect for upcoming spring. :)

    thanks for finding my blog! i am now following yours, i cant wait to read future posts!

    xoxo, rose.


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