March 24, 2010


So excited!! I'm so glad I got into this show because it's so ahhhmazing! I wasn't at first all the hooplah about it during its first few months completely turned me off. Until one day I saw it on Hulu and I said "what the hell!" and watched the pilot episode. How awesome is it that they have a freaking Madonna episode! ahh how awesome is that going to be?! I hate how there was a four month hiatus between now and the last aired episode. At least the premiere is less than a month away! yay!


  1. haha I saw the promos for this show and am saddened by the fact that I don't even have time to watch TV shows anymore... I had to give up my weekly gossip girl :(

  2. @Diya

    aww! i hate having to give up time for tv shows. luckily they are all on the internet the next day! and glee doesn't start until next month maybe your time will let up by then! =D


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