February 16, 2010

5-day weekend...


My 5 day weekend (thanks to furloughs!) comes to a close and I'm just now starting to study for an exam I have tomorrow. (the photo above is so appropriate, isn't it?) It's my first business communications exam and I am a little scared for it. We had to read a case from our textbook and we have to know the whole story perfectly in order to do well. We're going to be given a prompt and we have to write a memo. The details are unknown until the day of the exam, of course. But I hate writing things like that on the spot because I get so nervous about the time crunch and I'm not able to research things right then and there. I guess the only good thing is that we get to use our notes since it'll be impossible to remember the details of the case.

It felt so good to sleep in these past 5 days. Today I woke up just as my second class of the day would begin! I guess I really should stop and get to studying.


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