January 11, 2010

Days Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen

A Fictional Book


The movie is about to be released and ever since I heard the news I have been wanting to read it again (I had read it years ago), but it kept slipping my mind. My cousin has the book so once she is back from her vacation, I'm going to take it from her. =D

A Non-Fictional Book


Ever since I read The Bell Jar I felt strangely fascinated with Sylvia Plath. She seems like a super interesting, yet dark person. (She did kill herself by sticking her head in the oven, with her kids in the next room!) I started to read her unabridged journals, but it was way too long and I didn't end up finish it it since I classes started. I promised myself I would go back and get it, but I never have. One of these days.

A Fan-Fic

Not a fan-fic reader.


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