January 29, 2010

Day TwentySix

Your Week in Great Detail

I'm not sure if I can recount the details of this week (even though it's not really over yet), but I'll do my best with what I can remember.

First week of school is over and done with. Thoughts:
- I hate professors who take role, just hand out a piece of paper for people to sign during class instead of taking 10 minutes of class time to call out everyone's name.
- Repetitive syllabi-reading
- We did a diagnostic for my Business Communications class and I'm still wondering how I did on it. Not good I think, I completely forgot the format of the paragraphs when writing out a memo.
- It's funny, I ran into a girl I knew in high school. We were friends, just not the closest of friends and yet when I said hi to her she just kept on walking. She did say hi back, but it was as if she didn't even know who I was! When she kept walking I thought to myself: uh....she doesn't even remember me because if she did she would have actually stopped and said hi instead of walking past me. Totally rude right? The least she could have done was stop, she's following me on freaking Twitter how could she not know me?
- Another rude moment: one of my friends waved me down as she was with this guy we had a class with 2 semesters ago. He said hi and asked me how I was then proceeded to ignore me and went on to talk to my friend who waved me down. I just stood there like a freaking dumbass.
- Of course, parking is a complete bitch. By 8:30, all parking lots are completely full and my classes start at 10 all week. So I have to get there by 8:30 if I want parking, other wise there would be no point in coming an hour later because there is like a 5% chance I would find somewhere to park. My school rented out some 500 parking spaces at a sports club, which is just over the freeway from us, not even a 5 minute drive, and because I got to school later on Tuesday I went over there to park. I'm not so sure I would like parking there anymore because that parking structure is freaking scary like no other. It's so dark in there! Not a safe place for a tiny girl like me.

Thursday I had lunch with an old friend I haven't seen in two years. Her name is Allison and I missed her like no other. I hate that we went so long without seeing each other because things are just so different. But it was so good seeing her again and catching up with each other.
We went to Red Robin (one of our high school eateries).She brought along her little boy, Jaedyn, who is such a cutie. When we were leaving the restaurant he grabbed my hand and I thought it was the cutiest thing seeing that we just met.

Friday, oh Friday, I have another Friday class this semester. Stupid 50-minute class that must be MWandF! I am allowed to sleep in just a little because parking is easypeasy on Fridays since more than half the school isn't there. I am in search of some cool (super cheap) pens for my organizer so I can color code things (nerd alert!) so I headed over to DollarTree today, but no luck. All they had were regular blue and black pens, no color seen at all.

I'm spending my Friday night in, probably ending it with some reading. Currently reading: A Time to be Born by Dawn Powell. I spotted that read at a thrift store and it seriously looks like no one ever read it, the pages are completely clean and uncreased.

The end!


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