January 27, 2010

Day TwentyFive

Your Day in Great Detail:

Well, I chose a good day to describe my day. It all started out with the routine: wake up, bathroom stuff, breakfast, watch news. Then, funny thing, I'm about to leave for school, only my keys are nowhere to be found. We looked everywhere. Turns out they were in my dad's pocket at work! He accidentally left them in his pocket after he went to get something from my car last night (no idea why he would put them in his pocket?!) How annoying huh? I reach for the spare key, only it doesn't unalarm the car! I'm already late at this point if I want to find parking in the parking structure at school, and keep in mind it's barely 8:30 am. So because I can't use my car, and I can't use my mom's car because I can't get my parking permit, she has to drop me off. So with an hour to kill, I feed my nephew, Junior his breakfast as we watch PBS Kids. 9:30am: we leave for campus. It's my second day of these classes and I finally had my chance to analyze the teachers and their teaching styles.

First class: Comparative Economic Systems
sounds totally boring right? Well, this class falls in one of the requirements of business majors and it was one of the only ones left (thank you overcrowding school). The teacher is a bit monotone, hopefully the subject matter will be a little bit more interesting. We only went over the basics of economics, which I already know (go me!). And the class is only 50 minutes so it's not that bad, except for the fact that because it's so short it's a Monday, Wednesday, AND Friday class.

I have a 40 minute break between my classes, and because none of my friends are available during my class breaks I spend it alone. I went outside, because the lobby of the building my class is in has the most ridiculous seating, and sat at a table reading a book. As I read, I eavesdropped on a conversation these guys were having next to me. Technically I wasn't eavesdropping, they were just talking so loud that I couldn't help hearing what they were saying. And one of the guys talked about how all the girls in his class were taken. He found this out from an icebreaker they did in class where one of the questions was "do you have a significant other?" what kind of ice breaker questions is that for the class room? really? I don't know maybe I just think that because I have no significant other. I just think it's a weird question to ask at school. Anyway, after 30 minutes I headed to class.

Second class: Advance Business Communications
My professor reminds me of a high school teacher. She is just not satisfied with the answers she's given, because after a few answers she'll consistently ask "anything else...?" or "what else?" or "anything else?" (yes I said that twice because she said it so many damn times during class) We did this group thing and I came to the conclusion i did not want to sit next to the girl I was sitting to because she is just one of those girls I despise. She was dressed in like all purple, with one of those faux fur hood-lined puff jackets, dark jeans, and sherpa-lined ugg boots. She was in a sorority, deduced from her school bag, and the way she talked was just in that annoying, omg just shut up! I was so glad class was over at 12:45.

I headed over to the bookstore to get buying my textbooks over with. And I had the hardest time finding the ones I needed, it was so annoying. Finally after about 15 minutes I found the ones I needed, headed to pay and spent a whopping total of $325, not bad for some people, but for me it is. Also that is not counting the two textbooks I got online and should be receiving this week. When my mom picks me up from school we head to Staples since I need to find something to ship a textbook I just sold. Nothing fit over there, but niece, Lily was whining and needed to eat lunch so we bought junk and headed home. At 3:30 we head to Office Depot and I successfully find a box, we head home and I rapidly get everything together and head over to the post office. No one was there and it was awesome. I was in and out of there within 3 minutes.

Finally done with the day I sit and play Super Mario Bros. for the Wii with Junior until my sister comes to pick him and Lily up. I take a short nap, shower and end the day here.

detailed enough?

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  1. this was great. what a day!! what neat idea. i think i may do this sometime soon<3


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