December 7, 2009

open letter to Southern California weather

Dear Socal Weather,

You couldn't have chosen a worse time to get all rainy and gloomy. Of all weeks you choose this one? The one right before finals week where a dedicated student, such as myself, should be studying for most of the week. Yes I know that means I should be cooped up inside hitting the books, but the outside world does affect what happens inside. For example, it was all cold, dark and cloudy last night, but instead of grabbing my books I cuddled underneath by blankets for warmth. This kind of weather does not perpetuate any kind of study effort. Also, I had made plans, before knowing it was going to be like this, to stay after school to read over my books and review my notes, but you just had to decide to pick that time to have the hardest rains of the day forcing me to walk to my car instead of walking towards the library (which is a farther walk than to my car). I wish you had chosen another week, maybe the week after finals week would have been good. I know nothing will change since rain is expected for most of the weekend starting on Thursday, and the only break we get is tomorrow and Wednesday. I hope next time you choose a non-finals/non-exam time to bring forth your presence.



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