December 19, 2009

Day Two: Your Favorite Movie

Ahh, again another hard question to single out just ONE movie. This one I really couldn't pick just one so here's a bunch of them.

It's the gorgeous Audrey Hepburn and handsome Gregory Peck in amazing Rome. Who could not fall in love with this movie upon watching it??

Nuff said. It's the freaking Notebook.

Oh this is in there because I love Sam!

Favorite of all freaking time. No one can go wrong with a classic movie like this one.

All geeks raise your hand!

I am such a girl in that I fall for those sappy love story movies. And then my nerdy side comes out because I love love love Star Wars (all 6 of them). I can seriously watch all these movies multiple times without getting sick of them. Especially with the Notebook, I swear I know what is going to happen yet my girl senses come over me and I cry every single time even if I try to fight it.


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