December 18, 2009

Day One: Your Favorite Song

The worst week of my life, finals week, is over! Seriously who's idea was it to have final exams? You've already learned the stuff why reiterate and be tested on it? This semester has been especially hard for some reason. Maybe it is because I am at a new school/new environment, I don't know, but I'm surely disappointed in my grades. I know I could have done better. But I'm back in the game and ready to start getting on with this blog of mine. I found this survey type thing and I thought it was the cutest idea so I thought it would be perfect. 30 days are assigned certain topics on which you must blog about. In between these posts I'll also be posting the other random things I love to post. So here is Day One:

My Favorite Song:

It's really hard for me to choose just ONE favorite song. Because there are so many different types of music it's difficult to pinpoint one favorite one. But since I'm being forced to choose....

Hands Down - Dashboard Confessional

Okay, it may be one of their most overrated songs, but I fell in love with it before they got all huge. Plus the acoustic version is so much better than the full band version although I do enjoy both.


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