October 1, 2009

1 & 2

Stuff just because:

1) James Franco to appear on General Hospital
Weird huh? He is supposedly doing it for research for a new role, but seriously? What super famous (gorgeous) celebrity such as himself would do something like appear on a daytime soap opera? I wonder what his character is going to be. I used to watch General Hospital when I had the chance, thanks to my Lola and my sisters, and I usually followed the storyline pretty well. Now I just catch it whenever I'm home and and flipping the like 10 channels we have since we don't have cable (yeah, how do I live you ask? ... I just do). I'm totally tuning in to watch his episodes! I read that he will be on more than one! And I want to know the real reason for his doing the soap.

2) Jonathan Jackson returns to General Hospital
I think he is so darn cute. And I remember hating that they changed the actor who played Lucky Spencer, the one after him had waaay too much hair for my taste, and yeah I was like 12 when this happened, but I remember. It's so cool that he's coming back and I may start watching it again.

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  1. huge fan of jonathan jackson! jasons my favorite character. ahhh i need to get back into watching it.. its been two months!


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