September 29, 2009

Hello clouds, long time no see.

It was actually cold today, I wore a long sleeve top and everything! There were clouds! Clouds filled the Orange County sky as I drove home from school today. The beginning of cooler, fall-like weather, perhaps? Oh I certainly hope so. It was so enjoyable that when I got out of class and had 40 minutes until my next one I sat outside studying taking in the cool breeze. I wish I would have taken a picture of how pretty the clouds were, but alas I only noticed them when I was driving, and no camera. Southern California is over due for some cooler weather. We haven't seen a break with this hot weather in forever and a day. Today was a good day to start the cool down because if it were hot, you'd hearread me bitching about how hot it was instead. Also because I had an exam to study for today, as well as two to study for tomorrow - the beginning of midterms my friends. ALSO, tomorrow is my birthday! Although it seems as if I can't even think about turning a year older because of those damn exams. They are kicking my ass; there is just too much information my brain can hold. Seriously.

Side note: as I scoured the parking lot this morning some biznatch stole my parking and their license plate read "UR UGLEY"................seriously?! You are in freaking college!


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