September 18, 2009

and she just might get you lost

For those of you who don't know me, my all time favorite band is Dashboard Confessional. I can recall the very first time I listened to them and fell in love. It was during my 7th grade Christmas party. I went to a small Catholic elementary school so we would have little gift exchanges among ourselves. One of my friends received their Swiss Army Romance and told me that I absolutely had to listen to one of their songs. I immediately fell in love upon listening to "Age Six Racer." Since then I have been a devoted fan. I've seen them a total of 3 (or is it 4?) times and I have yet to meet him. According to lead singer, Chris Carrabba, he always comes out to meet the fans after the show. Every single time I've missed him, it is so not cool. It's my turn!

They have a new album called Alter the Ending due for November 10 and yours truly is seeing them live 4 days later!! I am so beyond excited. And big thank you to my cousin for buying my ticket in honor of my birthday (which is coming up on September 30)!!



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